After conducting extensive real-world field testing and development RETAY USA is excited to announce that it will be entering the pump-action hunting space with the ALL NEW GPS-XL.

Retay GPS-XL 12ga 3.5" Pump Shotgun Bottomland

After over 2 years of development and extensive real world testing with RETAY USA’s hand selected group of professional full time hunting guides and select field staff, the verdict is in! The ALL new GPS-XL pump action shotgun is a stone cold waterfowl killer and a dependable workhorse of a shotgun proven in the harshest and most demanding environments across the United States!

The new GPS-XL stands for “Geometric Pump System” a design that offers two primary advantages the first is a reduction in the amount of travel the operator perceives when cycling the action and secondly, reduced drag and virtually no scratching to the magazine tube from working the action.

These advantages were achieved due to the innovative GPS-XL “floating forend design” which does away with the typical interior forend tube that rides around the magazine tube inside the forend.

Instead, the forearm itself is crafted with integral self centering geometric cones that reduce friction and keep the double guided forend centered as it slides along the length of the magazine tube.

In a move that is virtually unheard of in the pump action realm, RETAY has decided to spare no expense and offer the GPS-XL with the same superb “Straight Shooting ™” Deep Bore Drilled barrel as offered on its much pricier semi automatic shotguns. The barrel on the GPS-XL’s are made from solid round steel bar stock that is drilled out end to end, honed and polished to produce the straightest and most precise and accurate hunting barrels on the market today.

Retay also takes the extraordinary step of adding an optimized lengthened forcing cone to the GPS-XL a feature that is seldom if ever included on a pump action shotgun.

RETAY GPS Pump Shotgun RealTree Max-7

Independent testing has demonstrated that RETAY deep bore drilled barrels have an average 20% improvement of shot pattern density when compared to traditional hammer forged barrels as well as a more consistent shot to shot deviation.

RETAY’s “Straight Shooting ™” Deep Bore Drilled barrel crafting process also eliminates the point of aim / point of impact problems that exist in hammer forged barrels from the stresses on the steel generated during that manufacturing process.

RETAY GPS-XL 12ga Pump Shotgun Black

Other features of the GPS-XL are designed to add to the durability and functionality of the shotgun as well. The receiver is crafted of milled aluminum alloy and features dovetail mounting grooves for mounting an optic. The barrel is topped with an 8mm flat hunting rib and tipped with a TruGlo fiber-optic sight. The GPS will come standard with 3 interchangeable Mara Chokes in Full, Modified and Cylinder constrictions.

The robust internals consist of a traditional stationary bolt head and sturdy dual opposing bolt latches. The magazine tube is configured for 4+1 2-¾ shells or 3+1 3.5” shells. The trigger group and integrated trigger guard are molded of high-impact ABS plastic and fixed into the receiver by way of double crossbody steel pins. A push-button cross-bolt safety with red line safe / fire indicator finishes out the trigger group.

The GPS-XL will be backed by RETAY USA’s 5-YEAR limited warranty with warranty work being performed in the RETAY USA headquarters facility in Easton Maryland.

RETAY USA will offer the GPS-XL initially in three variants, black and officially licensed camouflage patterns from Mossy Oak and RealTree and 28” barrel length with a Turkey Hunting variant available with 24” barrel slated to be available in Spring 2023.

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