Retay Partners With Briley Manufacturing For US Service and Warranty Center.

World renowned gunsmithing facility will handle all US service and Warranty requests for Retay-USA firearms.

WASHINGTON D.C. February 12, 2018 - RETAY ARMS LTD. STI. of Konya Turkey announces that it has partnered with world class manufacturer, customizer and gunsmith, Briley Manufacturing in Houston Texas.

Retay Arms continues to invest in the United States market with a move that offers world class support for its customers. The newly established Retay USA Service Center at Briley Manufacturing will be capable of servicing, maintaining and repairing all aspects of the Retay Masai Mara line of shotguns and will be the US headquarters for all the factory related service needs of Retay customers in the US market.

The Retay Warranty Center at Briley Manufacturing will maintain an onsite inventory of over 2000 replacement parts for the Masai Mara shotgun allowing trained Briley technicians to complete service requests quickly and reliably without the lag time that customers may experience when parts must be imported from abroad.

Retay believes that their innovative use of modular major components like the push button Retay Removable Trigger ™ group, two part receiver and Removable Ejector ™ will revolutionize the way warranty and service is handled by giving the customers the option of shipping various assemblies rather than the entire firearm for service in some cases. This innovative approach has the potential to save customers money in shipping as well as headaches in paperwork associated with shipping firearms.

Retay USA President, Christian Handy remarks that; “the ability to quickly and reliably service our products has been a focus of ours during product development so it’s only fitting that we have chosen to work with a centrally located industry leader like Briley Manufacturing to ensure our customers needs are meet quickly and reliably now, and in the future.”

All Retay USA customers receive a Limited 5 Year Warranty in material and workmanship on Masai Mara shotguns when purchased through an Authorized Retay Dealer.

Customers are advised to register their product at www.RetayUSA.Com and contact Service@RetayUSA.Com to obtain a service authorization.

Once authorization has been granted, their item can then be shipped directly to Retay Warranty Service Center ℅ Briley MFG in Houston TX. Briley will then evaluate the nature of the requested service and work directly with the customer to complete the desired service onsite in their facility. Briley will then coordinate with the customer for return of their item.

“Retay USA is committed to building a world class reputation of excellence in the United States by standing by our product and offering the highest level of customer service and support. This partnership with Briley Manufacturing is just one more of the ways our company is working to achieve that goal.” - Christian Handy, President Retay USA

Questions and Inquiries about US availability of Retay Products should be directed to Retay USA chris@retayusa.com

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